Collective exhibition in “National Art Gallery”, “SPRING 07”, – (Video installation by Ilir Butka)

Tirana, Albania (11-24th May 2007) The feeling of the past seeing the present. This is the emotion inducted while we see family photos and stock shots. Even though the films might have been recorded some weeks ago thay do seem distant, passed. It looks like you do not exist anymore. Your life seems the one of somebody else. The present is quite enable to generate such powerful emotions. Try to see the photos, the films of the life of your child and you will not escape from this feeling.- Ilir Butka

Artists: Ilir Butka, Sophie Buxton, Eloise Fornieles, Najada Hamza, Kate Hawkins, Esteban Igartua, Sidi Kanani, Shpetim Kercova, Olson Lamaj, Andres Laracuente, Elsa Martini, Jane Millican, Eleanor Moreton, Vladimir Myrtezaj, Francesco Patriarca, Genc Permeti, Lucy Wood 

Curatorial project by CHARLES DANBY Drawing on systems and of etiquette and action 2(007) Pranvere unearths from the veneer of everyday fictions social fairy tales that contest class, tolerance, aspiration and fear. Destabilising collective mythologies the works disclose personal propositions unhinging a social consciousness fostered and fuelled by the mixed structural conditioning of environment, literature, news and television.

SPRING 2007 – Collective exhibition in “National Art Gallery”