ILIR BUTKA – Exhibitions, painting, video art, instalations

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1985 – 1989 Academy of Arts, Tirana, Bachelor Degree: Painting / Art Director (Set designing)

1990 Collective painting spring exhibition, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania.

1991 Settled in Italy and continues his artistic activity making knowledge of new forms and techniques of artistic expression: ceramics, photography, computer generated graphics.

1992 Painting exhibition – Collective “Artists of Albania”. Albisola, Italy

1992 Painting exhibition – Collective “Out Of Silouhette”. Savona, Italy

1992 Workshop with artists from Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Slovenia, etc. – Perugia, Italy

1993 Painting exhibition – Collective “Grafica” Galeria Cona. Savona, Italy

1993 Golden Medal in competition of Artistic Photography. Savona, Italy

1994 Arte Fiera Mostra Internazionale d’ Arte Contemporanea “Four artists from Albania” Bologna, Italy

1995 Applicative Art Exhibition – National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania.

1995 Winner of the 3-rd Prize in the National Painting exhibition “ONUFRI” – National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania.

2001 Painting exhibition – “STRUKTURE” – Collective (Video Installation) Tirana, Albania

2003 Collective exhibition in “Galeria e Vogel”, “Passport” – (Video installation) Tirana, Albania

2007 Collective exhibition in NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART, “SPRING”, (Video installation), Curatorial project by CHARLES DANBY- Tirana, ALBANIA

2011 CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION FROM ALBANIA, Kaunas Communication History Museum, Galeria Miejska BWA Bydgoszcz (Poland)

2011 Painting exhibition – “MJEDIS” – Collective Tirana, Albania

2011 Collective exhibition “My Odissey, Art in Myth”, contemporary works exhibition, Tirana, Albania